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I chose this CBD bc it was the most pure form of CBD on the market and it did not disappoint. I have anxiety and endometriosis. It not only helps with both of those things but it has helped me sleep better. I do not have to take Advil for my cramps anymore. Absolutely would recommend this product to anyone!


Incredible!! I have fed all my plants & fruit trees this stuff and BAM! I can't get over how many blooms the plants have & the smell of the gardenia bush is just amazing! Plus, this guy's mission is all about giving back to the community where it's most needed."

Rachelle Abney

"Great stuff! Lemons are popping up on several of my trees, blueberry trees are blooming, and my avocado trees are growing like crazy! So happy with this product! Thank You!!!"

Kristen Magee

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