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Fertilizer FAQ's

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Home gardeners, large and small scale farmers, novice planters, and hobbyists can all benefit from using TrueEarth on their indoor or outdoor plants. Because it is an all natural fertilizer, some questions have come up about best use, how it works, and when its best to use which fertilizer.

If you don't see a question you have about TrueEarth, please contact us! Chances are, other's have the same question.

What is the difference between the TrueEarth fertilizers?

  • TrueEarth #111 Natural Fertilizer is made of macro and micro nutrients mixed with natural oils which help the nutrients spread through the soil and stick to the plant roots.
  • TrueEarth #222 Kelp Kick adds nutrients to the soil through seaweed extract. The extract helps protect plants from drought, heat, fungus, and mildew.
  • TrueEarth #333 Essential Mineral Solution (EMS) is a complex combination of minerals that specifically reduce shock when planting seeds and seedlings or transplanting plants.

How do I know which fertilizer to use?

  • Perfect for all plants, flowering or fruiting. This all natural fertilizer has no fillers or synthetic ingredients.
  • Helps reduce environmental stress on plants including extreme weather, pests, and animals.
  • We recommended you use #222 early in the growing season.
  • Presoak seeds for faster and higher success rate of germination or presoak holes for transplanting seedlings.

How often should I apply a TrueEarth fertilizer to my plants?

About once every 2 or 3 weeks.
  • This may be different for your region, the amount of rain you get, and if your working on indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Test some of our fertilizer out on a couple plants and keep track of the difference you see! You’ll be able to gauge when your plants need and extra kick of nutrients. (If you’re happy with the differences you see, let us know by email or contact us on Facebook. We love getting pictures from happy customers!)

Do I have to spray the fertilizer on my plants?

  • All TrueEarth fertilizers can be applied with a sprayer or applied directly to the soil around a plant. Just make sure you dilute the fertilizer in water. Remember the 1:1 ratio - 1oz of fertilizer per 1 gallon of water.
  • TrueEarth Fertilizers work with any common spray bottles, hose attachment, or pump sprayers. Make sure you clean out the nozzle by spraying clean water or a mixture of vinegar water through it after use.

Can I make a big batch of fertilizer/water solution and use it over time?

Definitely not.
  • Once the natural fertilizers are combined with water, they begin an anaerobic decomposition. This decomposition will result in a build up of gasses in whatever container you’ve mixed the fertilizer and water. As a result, the fertilizer will slowly become less effective and, if your container has a lid on it, the potential for a very stinky pop!

Can I combine TrueEarth fertilizers?

  • If you choose to combine fertilizers, we suggest using up to 25% of each fertilizer per gallon.

Can I combine TrueEarth fertilizers with other brands fertilizers?

We don’t recommend it.
  • Combining other natural or non-natural fertilizers with TrueEarth can compromise the nutrient absorption and effectiveness of your TrueEarth fertilizer.
  • You’ll find that once you’re using one of the TrueEarth fertilizers, you’ll never need any other fertilizer!

Can I use any of the natural fertilizers on indoor plants?

Of course!
  • Stick to the 1oz of fertilizer to 1 gallon of water ration.
  • We also suggest to only mix as much solution as you plan on using at one time. The natural fertilizer will begin anaerobic decomposition when it is introduced to the water, resulting in gaseous build up (pee-yew!)

Can I use tap water with TrueEarth?

Its not suggested.
  • Most municipal water supplies are supplemented by chemicals that can be harmful to your plants and prevent all of the beneficial TrueEarth nutrients from binding to the roots efficiently.
  • ­We suggest using distilled water or better yet, rain water.
  • If you do choose to use tap water, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar per gallon to your 1:1 ratio - 1oz of fertilizer to 1 gallon of water.

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