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Photos & Testimonials

For the past few years, True Earth has worked with local farmers and gardeners to test our product. We have some pictures here, but make sure you keep up to date with True Earth by checking out our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Over a year ago, we introduced Mr. Jim Johnson's blueberry crop to True Earth Fertilizer. Since his first harvest, we've been back to check on him twice. Theses two videos show Jim's results from last year and early May of this year. 

As Jim would say, we are "berry happy" with the results!






Check out these pictures of True Earth in action!


New growth thanks to the nutrients from True Earth



Trees loaded with new fruit.
Thanks to True Earth, deer stopped eating the fruit off these trees. Now the branches are bending under the weight of peaches, pears, and blue berries!



Vibrant colors from the nutrients True Earth provides in the soil.


 Without and with True Earth!





Remember to check out our Instagram and Facebook!

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